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Applicant’s Certification, Agreement, and Release

I certify that the information contained in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that any misrepresentation, omission of facts, or misleading information is ground for refusal to hire, or if hired, dismissal.

1. I understand that every aspect of my employment with Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. shall be on an "at will" basis, meaning that I or Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC .may terminate my employment at any time, or any reason, with or without cause. I also understand that Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. expressly reserves its inherent authority to manage and control the business enterprise and to exercise its sole discretion to determine all issues pertaining to my employment, including all matters pertaining to promotion, job assignment, and the size of the workforce, demotion, transfer and discipline. I further understand and agree that no one other than the President of Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. may modify or change the "at-will" nature of my employment relationship. Any such modifications must be in writing and signed by the President of Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. and me to be effective.

2. As part of Fontainebleau Miami Beach' employment procedures, an applicant may be required to undergo a post-offer, pre-employment medical examination and/or alcohol and drug screening conducted by a physician or laboratory designated by Fontainebleau Miami Beach. As a condition of my continual employment, I understand that I am subject to drug testing based upon random sampling or reasonable suspicion determined in the sole and absolute discretion of Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. at any time during my employment. Additionally, I hereby give my consent and authorization to Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. and any other persons or entity which they may employ or use to test me for drugs and alcohol, including the taking and testing of my urine, blood and hair. I also agree to fully cooperate with Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC .and any persons or entity which they may use in connection with testing me for drugs and alcohol. I understand and agree that a designated representative of Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. may, in the company's sole discretion, accompany me to the laboratory for testing. I understand that my failure to give this consent, release to hire, or if hired, for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

3. I also understand that all new employees are under a three month introductory status and that I must satisfactorily complete this term before I am considered a "regular" employee. Any significant absence will automatically extend the introductory period by the length of the absence. If Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. determines that the designated period does not allow sufficient time to thoroughly evaluate the employee's performance, the introductory period may be extended for a specific period.

4. I hereby agree that all documents, records, files, manuals, forms, materials, supplies, programs, trade secrets and other information which will come into my possession from time to time during employment and/or affiliation with Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. shall be deemed to be confidential and proprietary information concerning Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. derived from such items is also exclusive property of the company. I further acknowledge that all such confidential and proprietary information concerning Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. derived from such items is also confidential and proprietary. Without the prior written approval of a daily authorized representative of Fontainebleau Miami Beach, I agree to keep confidential and not cause to be disclosed, directly or indirectly, or otherwise make use of any said confidential or proprietary information or trade secrets nor reveal the same to any third party whomsoever, except as required by law.

5. It is my understanding that my employment at Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. is dependent upon obtaining positive references from my previous employers and also upon obtaining a positive report from the security background check that is required. A negative reference or report may or may not prevent me from working at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. However, the reference or report will be evaluated as to its effect upon my employment.

Do you agree with the terms listed above?

Employment References Release

In order to effectuate the required background check, I hereby:

1. authorize all representatives of Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC .to make such investigations and inquiries of my personal and employment background (consumer-related information is subject to separate release), including but not limited to school/education, and employment records, personal/business references, protective association files, as may be deemed necessary to arrive at an employment decision;

2. authorize and request all persons, organizations and other entities to furnish any information listed in paragraph a. above;

3. consent to the inspection by all representatives of Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC. of all documents that may be material to an evaluation of my employment qualifications, experience background or otherwise;

4. authorize and request all persons, organizations and other entities to whom this request is presented to honor this request any time within three(3) years from the date of execution; and

5. any information obtained by Fontainebleau Florida Hotel, LLC .from any source will be held confidential, except as required by law.

6. I further understand that my application will remain active for 180 days from the date it was completed, and that if I am not offered employment within 180 days and wish to be considered for employment after the 180 day period has expired, I must reapply.

Do you agree with the terms listed above?


Please Note: If you are offered employment, you may be required to submit to a pre-employment drug test. If you refuse to be tested, the CONDITIONAL job offer may be withdrawn.


Voluntary Equal Opportunity Questionnaire

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability. The completion of this screen is voluntary and refusal to do so will not affect the processing of your application. This information is kept separate from your application and not viewed by any hiring manager.

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