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  • Your statement should address the following:
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    • Your current situation
    • Your career objectives
    • What is motivating you toward your objectives
    • Future professional and educational plans
    • How this internship will help you in pursuing your objectives/plans
    • Briefly describe your ideal internship experience
    • Why you feel you should be selected
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HCC does not offer relocation assistance, transportation or housing. Students pursuing internships in locations outside of where they reside often live with family, friends, or other students. 

Interview Location

Health Career Connection only conducts in-person interviews at one of the interview locations below. Select the region you will be in during the months of March 2016 through April 2016.  

We understand that your choice of interview location is NOT necessarily the region in which you may be placed. Health Career Connection will
consider you for the regions you indicated in the question immediately above.

Health Career Connection provides limited notification for interviews and does NOT pay for transportation or lodging; take this under advisement
when selecting your interview location.

Languages and Skills Capabilities

Instructions: Some of our partners request specific technical skills, however these are in no way required to be an HCC intern. A number of our placements do not require any previous experience. Please check all that apply. 

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Quatitative data are anything that can be expressed as a number, orquantified. Examples of quantitative data are scores on achievement tests,number of hours of study, or weight of a subject. These data may berepresented by ordinal, interval or ratio scales and lend themselves to moststatistical manipulation.

Qualitative data cannot be expressed as a number. Data thatrepresent nominal scales such as gender, socieo economic status, religiouspreference are usually considered to be qualitative data.

HCC's host organizations often require or prefer potential interns to speak a language other than English. Please indicate which of the following
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Other Summer 2016 Opportunities

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