How Innotec Finds the Right People

Many people wonder how we find the next great team members at Innotec.  Since we hire people, and not positions, our process is in-depth.  It includes a few steps to ensure we know you--your skills, your experiences, your passions, your personality.  Typically, we use the following steps. Sometimes it takes as little as two weeks to get to know you well, and sometime it takes longer.

Hiring Process 2

Previous & Returning Applicants

If you have applied to Innotec on our website after May 1, 2012, input your e-mail address and password below to login and you can update your information, view the status of your application, and search through different openings at Innotec. 

If you shared your resume/CV with Innotec at a career fair, college event, or via email, please click the link for forgotten password below and enter the email on your resume; a new password link will be sent to this email.

If you applied prior to May 1, 2012, please search through openings further below and start a new application.

If you do not remember your password click here.

Search Full Time, Part Time and Internship/Co-Op Openings

At Innotec, we hire the person, not the position.  We're constantly looking for technically oriented people to join our challenging, fast-paced and multi-faceted environment.  Regardless of responsibilities, each employee is involved in the many aspects of running a business, everything from product and process improvement to strategic planning and sales.  

While we don't hire simply according to positions, it's helpful to line up your application with a specific "opening", so we encourage you to search openings below before submitting your application. This is the fastest and most reliable way to be considered for the current skills we're seeking at Innotec.

There are currently a total of 27 open job(s).

Do you know anyone at Innotec?   
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Don't see your skillset reflected in a posting on the website right now?

We know these job listings are incomplete. If you don’t see your specialty listed here, but you're really talented at what you do, have a breadth of skills and possess a skillset that would help us create better products and experiences for our customers, send us a general application using the link below.  We are especially excited about candidates with a strong mechanical and manufacturing aptitude who are passionate about contributing to Innotec's growth.  We are happy to be convinced that we need a physicist or a farmer or a mechanic to join our team, but it's up to you to make the case.

To fill out a general application form click here.

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