Senior Software Engineer - Systems

Location: Firaxis (Baltimore, MD)
Job Code: 770


Senior Software Engineer - Systems

A senior individual contributor responsible for designing, developing, writing and debugging code for assigned PC & Console projects.  Serves as a mentor to junior members of the staff.  Firaxis Games is seeking an experienced software engineer with a strong background in systems.

•    Design, develop, write, document and implement next generation systems code for PC, and consoles.
•    Writes clear, maintainable, portable code.
•    Writes documentation for other programmers use.
•    Anticipates, identifies and articulates problem areas and develops preventative solutions.
•    Accurately schedule and track development efforts for systems related tasks across the team.
•    Has a clear vision of how products should function and the ability to lead peers to share this vision.

•    C, C++ and Visual Studio.
•    Education: 4-year degree in computer science or equivalent.
•    State-of-the-art, effective and efficient interactive entertainment/computer game development (PC and Console) industry practices.
•    Experience in analyzing and optimizing large code bases.
•    Multithreaded programming.
•    UE3 Experience a plus.
•    Excellent verbal communication.
•    Excellent writing.
•    Successful problem-solving.
•    State-of-the-art, effective and efficient software architecting.
•    Leadership, including delegating and oversight.
•    Project management.

•    To function well as a member of a team.
•    To function well independently.
•    To stay focused on the "big picture" and suggest strategic approaches both creatively and technically.
•    To push the software engineering quality bar, both creatively and technically.
•    To convey software engineering concepts in understandable terms to both management and team members.
•    To working cooperatively interdepartmentally.
•    To accurately estimate task assignments and communicate progress to team members and leaders.
•    To take ownership of assigned tasks.


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